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Arise & Shine 2018 Global Bible Seminar

  • Quốc gia | Korea
  • Ngày | 01/11/2018
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On November 1, the Arise & Shine 2018 Global Bible Seminar was held at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple. It was held with a motive to help all mankind have correct knowledge of God so that they could be saved. Seven experts in the fields of education, medicine, engineering, and so on, gave presentations at the seminar. A total of about 2,500 people, including visitors from overseas, the members from the Church of God, and their neighbors interested in the Bible, attended the seminar.

“The Kingdom of Heaven, the home of our souls, always overflows with joy and happiness,” said Mother in Her opening speech, welcoming all the guests. Mother hoped everyone would receive heavenly blessings by following the word of God.

“I hope you will take some time during this seminar to think about the salvation of your soul,” said General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol, expecting that the attendees would have positive changes in their lives through the event.

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The seven presenters from the U.S., Spain, Peru, Philippines, Mexico, and South Africa, prepared their topics on Heavenly Mother. Although the majority of Christians have assumed God to be one Father for a long time, the 66 books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, testify about Heavenly Mother as well as Heavenly Father.

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The speakers testified about God the Mother in depth with diverse topics such as “Heavenly Mother Hidden in All Creation” (by Jennifer Grace Pikop, Expert of Special Education) and “The Source of Universal Energy, the Spiritual Integrated Circuit” (by Rafael Anonuevo Dimaculangan, Professor of Electronic Engineering in National University of the Philippines) with their professional knowledge on education, medication, electronic engineering, artificial intelligence, and so on.

After all the presentations finished, the audience commented that the diverse academic approach and proofs about God the Mother were impressive. “This seminar gave seven billion people the right sign to find God who is the source of eternal happiness and blessings,” said Pablo Andres, a technology corporation consultant, from the Church of God in Chile. “I hope that people will find the last missing piece of the Bible and science—God the Mother,” said Lorn Reynolds, the Senior Engineer of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in the U.S., through his presentation, “Mother, the Chief Engineer of the Great System.”

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